Who am I?

Oddly enough I think this is a question that many people rarely ask of themselves until quite late on in life. It's an important question which should be asked more often.

Some people define themselves by what they do, their religious beliefs, their politics or their background. All of these are obviously important but we are so much more than this. What defines us is not a static thing, or at least not for me, so I hope to try and keep this page constantly updated. Every experience and every person you interact with shapes and changes you to some degree.

I was born in London (United Kingdom). Both my parents are spanish and fled Francos spain in the early 60s, not because of persecution but because of the poor economic state that Spain was in. Although Franco died in 1975 when I was just 7 years old, I still remember the disbelief and relief at the news of this dictators death. A wall near where we lived in London had grafitti as tall as I was saying “Franco Asesino” which translates to “Franco Murdered”. My mother has personal stories of Francos Falangistas coming to the house to kill my grandfather for voicing oposition to Franco while in a bar the previous night. Luckily, after the whole family begging for mercy on their knees, my grandfather was allowed to live. One way or another, Francos legacy touched my early years. Speaking Gallego, my parents regional language, was banned in public spaces during Francos time but this was indeed my first language.

Although raised in London, I was part of a large spanish community which did not mix to any great extent with any other community. There was a large number of people who had fled spain for a better life. As an example, out of my fathers four brothers and one sister all but one migrated abroad. This means that I now have relatives in other countries apart from Spain & England, primarily in France and Venezuela.

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